This Tiny House Is Powered By Solar Energy


We rely on solar energy every day - Without it our plants would not grow, our planet would not have light or warmth, and our smartphones would not give us directions. The sun emits enough solar energy in just one single hour to provide the entire world's power needs for a full year. Unlike other forms of energy, solar does not require mining resources from the Earth, and it does not produce harmful greenhouse gases or carbon emissions. 

Our tiny house uses 6 SolarWorld solar panels which are rated at 280-watts each. The total system size is 1.68 kW. When the sun is shining, solar panels absorb and convert sunlight into energy and transfer it to the battery bank where it can either be stored or used.


The battery bank is connected to an Xantrex inverter which converts the DC energy from the solar panels into usable AC form, and then sends this energy to whatever electrical appliances or loads need power.

We designed our battery bank to give us multiple days worth of autonomy, that way we have a buffer of emergency or reserve energy in case of cloudy or rainy days. Modern solar panels like the ones we have installed on the roof of our tiny house will generate some energy on cloudy days, but solar panels are most effective when the sun is shining bright.

Looking For Off-Grid Solar Kits?

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