Tiny Solar House Exterior Photos

The exterior is coming together at the build site of our tiny solar house! We've again been blessed with some good weather (gotta love Texas) which has allowed the exterior to be almost entirely complete. You can see below that most of the exterior of the house is wrapped in cedar along with some aluminum accents for a very modern look & feel. We are still waiting on delivery of our front (or back) door which was on back order from Home Depot, so the rear of the tiny house has yet to be finished. It will also be covered in cedar once the door is installed.

Here are some updated pictures of the Tiny Solar House


This week we also ordered interior LED light fixtures, an ENERGY STAR rated refrigerator, 6 6V AGM batteries (for the off-grid solar power system), and a 42-gallon portable water tank (to be used when water hookups are not available like at music festivals or certain parks).

More pictures coming soon!