Tiny Solar House Goes To The Beach

After much anticipation we're proud to announce that we are finally all moved into the tiny house! It wasn't without a few troubles and hiccups here and there, but as the saying goes, all is well that ends well.


First stop on our journey across America is Port Aransas, TX for some much needed beach time. We left Austin Friday morning and made our way down south, arriving in Port A around 4 PM with plenty of sunlight to help us get our camping spot all set up before dark.

And as fate would have it, right behind our RV spot is a marine biology center that's also powered by solar!


Speaking of solar, we're excited to share that our solar power system has been working just as perfect as anticipated! The 6 SolarWorld rooftop solar panels collected sunlight during transit and allowed us to arrive at our destination with a fully charged battery bank!

Here's a photo of our Xantrex Xanbus System Control Panel showing our current electrical specifications: 


A bit hard to see because of glare, but the battery indicator is fully charged (no surprise because as I write this post it is warm and sunny). But, the more important point is that even with clouds in the morning and throughout the day, we've stayed above 50% state of charge.


Notice anything odd?

That's our electric hookup at the RV park we're staying at, but as you can see it is empty. Because we haven't used more than 50% of the energy stored in our battery bank, we haven't needed to plug in!

Living "off the grid" at the beach, using solar energy to power our electrical needs, and loving every moment!


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